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Totu Legal was founded by US Attorney Marcin Podskarbi. Firm has offices in Beverly Hills, CA and Warsaw, Poland. Our primary practice is business and immigration law both in Poland and in the US. 

At Totu Legal you are always treated like a family, and we strive to ensure the best possible outcome for you

How can we help you?

The most precious commodity is time. We can help you navigate through complex legal system and save your valuable time. By hiring us, you will be able to focus on your business and leave the “paper work” to us 

What can we do for you?

We can offer you range of services in business, civil and immigration law, sucha as: immigration assistance, business formation, visa, business immigration, immigration, business disputes, dissolutions and others

Why choose us?

Immigration and business law is very complex. It is best to hire a professional to have a peace of mind. We have been dealing with immigration and business law for many years

How do I know if your law firm Is right for me?

We have been in a business for many years and we always strive to deliver results beyond expectations of our clients

Marcin Podskarbi


Marcin attended the Higher School of Law in Poland, which he graduated in 2006 and moved to the U.S. where he continued studied law at California Western School of Law in San Diego, and obtained his Master’s degree in Comparative Law. Marcin attended multiple seminars and courses, including but not limited to business law, immigration and naturalization, stock market investments, business management, entertainment law and many more. Marcin passed California Bar Exam, considered the hardest in the U.S. and he also passed the Bar exam in Poland. For many years he has dealt with immigration and business law. He supervised countless visas approved for many individuals and families. Marcin helped many start-ups begin their business journey in both, the US and Poland. He also dealt with mergers and dissolutions. In addition, Marcin led many court’s proceedings, including: business litigations, deportation removals, civil proceedings, probate and others

Our Reviews

This is the best immigration lawyer I have ever come across here in Poland, they will follow your documents from A TO Z AND make sure you have your working permit, your TRC etc, BIG thanks to you TOTU LEGAL
Dede Ume
Dede Ume
I recommend it
Yahia Semaoui
Yahia Semaoui
Wzorowa obsługa, szybko i skutecznie udzielona pomoc. Polecam zdecydowanie
Hubert Krystosiak
Hubert Krystosiak
Thank you so much for your fast and satisfying service...All of the staff are truly nice and are working professionally. I am sincerely grateful for the help and full assistance you have given me. Would be glad to recommend your firm to others!
Taraki Me
Taraki Me
I have known Marcin Podskarbi for the last 1 year. He is extremely reliable and helpful in handling the cases for immigrants. I applied for my Student residence permit and open work permit once I finished my studies. Each time I was given top quality services. I recommend Totu Legal 100%.
radha gandikota
radha gandikota
Marcin and his professional team are quite supportive with all immigration process.I highly recommend them.
Daniel S
Daniel S
Świetna obsługa i profesjonalne podejście, gorąco polecam!
Znakomity prawnik. Polecam
Michał P
Michał P

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