Polish citizenship
Do you want to get Polish citizenship? You have lost Polish citizenship and want it back? Do you need official confirmation that you have Polish citizenship?
Here you will find all necessary information. Apply to the President for Polish citizenship.
How do I get things done?
In the office or by post.
Who can use the service?
A person who does not have Polish citizenship.
When to apply?
At any time.
What to do?
Collect all necessary documents. Apply to the provincial office or consulate. If you apply to the consulate, pay the consular fee. Wait for an answer. You will receive a citizenship certificate or refusal certificate from the authority to which you applied.
If you have children between the ages of 16 and 18, they must agree to this in order to obtain citizenship. They can only do this in person at the Provincial Office or Consulate.
Where to apply?
To the voivode competent for your place of residence – if you live legally in Poland. For example, if you live in the Pomorskie Voivodeship, apply to the Pomorskie Voivode, to the consul – if you live abroad. Remember, if you send your application by post, you need an officially certified signature.
Every notary will help you with this. Such a service costs about 20 PLN.
How much will you pay?
360 euro – if you submit your application to the consulate. On the spot you will find out how you can pay, the cost of translation of documents – if you attach documents in a foreign language to the application. The cost of translation depends on the rate of the translator, cost of document authentication – if you attach copies of documents to the application, 20 PLN for a notary’s signature certificate – if you send your application by post. The fee will be collected by the notary.
What to prepare?
Application for Polish citizenship, translation of foreign documents into Polish – if you enclose with your application documents issued in a foreign language.
Such a translation must be made by a sworn translator or a Polish consul, a statement of the other parent’s consent for your children under the age of 18 to receive Polish citizenship too – if only one of the parents is applying for citizenship.
Remember, children between the ages of 16 and 18 must first consent to receive Polish citizenship. They can only do so in person at the provincial office or consulate.
How long will you wait?
The President of the Republic of Poland is not bound by any deadlines in matters concerning the granting of Polish citizenship. In practice, the President of the Republic of Poland is currently waiting more than a year for his decision.
How can you appeal?
You cannot appeal. The decision of the President of the Republic of Poland is final.
For more information or if you need help, call our office at 501-305-983