Permanent residence permit
Legal basis – Act of December 12, 2013 on foreigners – Art. 195, Art. 210 of the Act – together with implementing acts.
A permanent residence permit authorises a foreigner to stay in Poland for an indefinite period. A permanent residence card is valid for 10 years, which means that it has to be replaced, but without the need to repeat the entire permit obtaining procedure
Who may obtain a permanent residence permit in Poland?
Foreigners who meet the following conditions can obtain a permanent residence permit:
* According to Polish law, if he/she has been married to a Polish citizen for at least three years until the date he/she applies for a permanent residence permit, and shortly before the application, he/she has continuously lived in Poland for not less than two years, based on the temporary Residence permit.
* If it is a child of a foreigner who has obtained a permanent residence permit or a long-term residence permit from the EU and was born after his parents obtained a permanent residence permit or after the validity of the temporary residence permit granted to his parents.
* if he/she has a valid Pole’s Card and wants to settle in Poland on a permanent basis.
How to obtain a permanent residence permit?
The foreigner submits the application in person, no later than on the last day of legal residence in the territory of the Republic of Poland voivode competent for the place of residence of the foreigner.
When submitting the application the foreigner is required to submit fingerprints.
In the case of foreigner who is a minor the application for granting him/her a permanent residence permit is submitted by parents or by guardians appointed by the court or by one of the parents or one of the guardians appointed by the court.
When applying for a permanent residence permit for a foreigner who is a minor, who by the time of submission of an application turned 6, his/her presence is required.
The following documents must be attached to the application:
– a valid travel document – photocopies of all pages + original available for view;
– 4 current colour biometric photographs;
– a proof of payment of stamp duty for granting the permit (640 PLN – holders of the Pole’s Card are exempt from payment),
– documents confirming the data contained in the application and circumstances justifying the submission of the application for a permanent residence permit.
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