Invitation for the foreigner

You are a foreigner in Poland and want to invite someone here for any reason? You need an invitation document.

What is the invitation document?
The invitation letter is a document confirming that the financial measures of the invited foreigner are sufficient to cover the expenses related to the planned stay in Poland, including accommodation and meals and the return trip to the country or place of residence. Or the cost of transit to a third country where it is allowed to enter.
The invitation letter does not have the right to work in Poland.
This document can be presented during visa application or during border inspection.
Note: The inviter is obliged to pay the instruction fee related to the accommodation of the foreigner. If he fails to fulfill the obligations arising from the invitation, the treasury or other entity may file a claim with the inviter in court proceedings. He shall also bear the costs associated with the possible issuance and enforcement of decisions that force foreigners to return.
Who may issue the invitation?
1- A citizen of Poland living in the territory of the Republic of Poland, a citizen of another member country of the European Union/European Economic Area/Switzerland or a member of their family living in the territory of the Republic of Poland and having the right of abode or permanent residence in the territory.
2- Foreigners who have lived legally in the Republic of Poland for at least 5 years before issuing the invitation, or hold a permanent residence permit or long-term residence permit for EU residents.
3- a legal person or an organizational unit not having legal personality having their registered office on the territory of the Republic of Poland.
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