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Green Card Renewals

Green Card Replacement or Renewals are very important, because it allows individuals to extend their stay in the U.S. Green Card typically only last ten years. You will be eventually faced with renewal process unless you apply for citizenship. We also offer replacement card services in the event your card was lost, stolen or expired.
Green Card expiration is the most common reason for flight delays, penalty charges and job applications denial. The Law Offices of Marcin Podskarbi is here to help you avoid all of them.
There are a variety of specialty services that you may need as part of the immigration process. At The Podskarbi Law Office, we offer additional services to our clients to ensure they are given adequate representation in all areas.
Green card is a dream yet to come through for most people who are in the United States with all sorts of different permits. Green Card permanent resident status is in fact very hard to receive, especially these days, when security measures on visas and visitor permits are subject to all sorts of hard and long haul procedures. This is where this special immigration company can help you a great deal. They know how hard it is to navigate between laws and will help you with every step you need to take to get your permanent green card California.
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