Documents required for a business activity in Poland:
1– Four valid photographs
(The photo attached to the application for residence permit for foreigners or the application for documents issued to foreigners should reflect the facial image, without wearing a hood and sunglasses, so as not to cause any reasonable doubts).
2- A Xerox copy of the valid travel document (original for inspection), under particularly reasonable circumstances, when the person does not have a valid travel document and cannot obtain it, he/she may present other identification documents.
3- Complete in accordance with the instruction form for issuing a temporary residence permit.
 Stamp duty PLN 340
 Fee for issuing a residence card PLN 50
Note: If any of the above documents are missing, the foreigner will call the supplementary documents within 7 days after the call to avoid processing the application.
4- Proof of funds for a stable and fixed source of income to cover the living expenses of himself and any of his dependent family members (for a single family-at least net income of PLN 701 per month, for a family) at least Monthly net cost PLN 528), such as the Board of Directors Appointment Act, the contract is the basis for the foreigner to serve as a member of the board of directors, and the PIT tax declaration is made on the amount of income earned by the foreigner in the previous tax year or ZUS statement.
5- Documents certifying the possession of the health insurance as stipulated in the Decree of August 27, 2004 on medical services funded by public funds or confirming the insurer’s medical expenses in the Republic of Poland (eg relevant ZUS statement, insurance policy).
6- Documents confirming the domicile provided (for example, registration confirmation, apartment rental contract, other contract capable of owning the domicile, or a statement of the person who authorized the domicile after providing the domicile to the foreigner).
7- permit of the body for occupying the specified position or performance of the occupation, when the obligation of obtaining thereof results from the separate provisions.
Foreigners should apply in person at the province (Voivode) in charge of the residence of the foreigner, before or on the last day of legal residence in the Republic of Poland.
Foreigners are obliged to provide fingerprints when applying.
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