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People come to the United States to seek protection—whether from religious persecution or racial matters. Persecution, which can be life threatening in some countries, can also cause long-term physical and mental harm to these individuals.
In the U.S, immigration laws are unclear as to what types of persecution qualify for asylum, but they do list some guidelines as to what qualifies for asylum, including:

  • Imprisonment or torture of political dissidents or supposed undesirables;
  • Public firing on protestors
  • Genocide of specific races
  • Religious persecution or prejudice

The U.S. does offer protection to these types of individuals. Additionally, for those entering the U.S. looking for such protection can apply for asylum at the port-of-entry into the country such as at an airport

Getting asylum in USA as a refugee has lots of particular conditions, an applicant must meet. The applicant must either come from a country which has been officially deemed a war torn area politically or has to meet various other standards in order ot be deemed a refugee who wants to get political asylum in the US. Asylum may be also provided for one person, specific to his or her political status and the level of danger he or she is facing. Totu Legal will help all the way to obtain political asylum for an applicant if his or her situation would deem the applicant this exact status


Asylum in usa

Know Your Eligibility

The judge or Asylum Officer has the final say on eligibility, but there are some requirements that an individual must ensure they meet before applying. The individual must prove that he or she is a refugee seeking protection within the country from some form of persecution in his or her own country. This information is provided in the individual’s application

There are some items that will automatically disqualify a candidate, which can include:

  • Any conviction of a serious crime
  • Nonpolitical crimes committed outside the U.S
  • Posing a threat to the safety of the U.S. and its citizens
  • Resettling in another country before seeking refuge in the U.S
  • Participating or ordering the persecution of others
  • Engaging in terrorist activities
  • Considered a representative of a foreign terrorist organization
  • And other terrorist-related criteria


Applying for Asylum

To apply for asylum in the United States, Form I-589 “Application for Asylum and Withholding of Removal” must be accurately completed. Individuals must apply for asylum within one year of entering the United States, but there are special circumstances that may allow you to apply even if you have been in the country longer than one year

The application process is highly complicated. As the refugee, you must prove your interests and prove that returning to your native country would cause physical or emotional harm. The U.S. does not take asylum requests lightly; therefore, you need an advocate by your side to assist you with the application process